Your Trusted Advisor

Corbenic Partners is fortunate to have built a team of individuals who are credentialed and more importantly personally invested in the clients we serve.

In an industry focused on the present, Corbenic Partners is successfully positioned for the future.

A Message From Our Managing Partner

It All Started with a Conversation

Corbenic Partners began with one objective in mind – to work with a select group of clients who would value a highly developed approach to managing their wealth. 

Our approach was simple, to focus our energy on protecting and managing our client’s wealth and they in turn would support us in our mission. 

Thirty years later we are still serving these clients and in many cases their children, friends, and colleagues. What was true then remains true today – we place the interests of our clients above all other considerations. 

Our firm started with one client who wanted more than just an advisor, they wanted an advocate who understood them personally and always had their back.

Let’s start your conversation.